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Nouvelesprit Institute of Magic

    "l'île Ardente. Situé outre de la côte de la France, dans le Golfe de Gascogne. Techniquement nous faisons partie de la province de Payer-De Loire, mais en réalité peu savent que cette île existe même." The tour guide babbles merrily on, oblivious to the fact that you as well as your other schoolmates are staring at her with blank looks of complete uncomprehension. Tuning out the French, you gaze around you with unabashed curiosity. The boats you are riding are made of wood, but painted to look like graceful white swans. You run your hand along the side of the boat and are surprised to feel feathers. The wooden swan head turns to wink at you with its painted eyes, and you realize with a smile that these are enchanted boats. Of course.

    The sea around you sparkles fiercely in the bright sun, making you blink several times. In the distance you can see your future home for the upcoming school year. "L'ile Ardente," you murmur to yourself. Even from this distance you can understand why it is called The Fiery Island. The island's beaches shimmer like gold, and the setting sun strikes the island with fiery intensity.

    The tour guide, noting your interest, smiles and speaks cheerfully. "Oui, oui! Les plages sont belles, n'est-ce pas ? Des étudiants sont permis de visiter la plage de l'or, mais les autres plages sont outre des limites... que le directeur dit qu'elles sont dangereuses ! Par conséquent vous devez vous rappeler de rester dans des cadres d'école. L'île peut être un endroit dangereux si vous ne faites pas attention." She points out the tower of a castle, just visible as you begin to round the island. "C'est Nouvelesprit. Il a été construit dans le modèle gothique, et est un exemple fin d'architecture française. Tout est gracieux, léger, bien aéré, assez!"

    You catch the word Nouvelesprit - that must be the castle. Your heart lifts as you look upon your future home. As the swanboats move closer and closer the entrance, more of the castle is revealed, and you find yourself looking upon a gracefully constructed castle, gleaming golden stones reflecting the brilliance of the sun.

    The swanboats make their way towards the harbor and dock speedily. As you disembark, your French-speaking tour guide turns to face you and your classmates with a sly wink. "Welcome to Nouvelesprit, everyone!" she exclaims in flawless English, with only the slightest of French accents. "I hope you'll enjoy your stay here! I know I do. Now, you can either go on to the castle or ask me if a few questions, if you're confused."